Visionary Voices Coaching Class

Thank you for your interest in my classes. I have created a curriculum for internet and phone-based creativity and life coaching classes. These classes are designed to help you break through your creative blocks, get you creating the work you were born to bring into this world and help you get the sparkle back the into your life.

These classes are called the "Visionary Voices" series. They are designed to help not only the person who wants to bring into their lives a dream they haven't begun, but also to help you with dreams you already have in progress. Let me help you delve deeper into your current work or help you discover the work that you've always dreamed of doing.

Please know that I am in no way a therapist or licensed teacher. I am an artist, a writer, dancer, creativity specialist and life coach. I've been involved in the creative arts my entire life. I have edited, printed and published books, given college lectures, been on television and performed on the stage many a time.  I've had art gallery showings and I consider it my life-goal to help every person that I can live the fabulous, creative and joyful life that they desire.

All spots for 2013 coaching classes are now full. To get updates of when they open, again, please subscribe to my mailing list on the upper left hand corner of the main page.