Adventures With Bri

Are you an adventurous soul, too? Maybe you just dream of adventure. In either case, welcome!

Here, you will find links to stories of adventures I've had throughout my life.

Skydiving Samadhi: an adventure in 3 episodes

I Affirmed I Would Tell the Truth: one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, testifying against my mother in court

Absinthe Drunk and God-Mad: adventure involving absinthe, spirituality and hair cutting

Give-Away: Out with the Old and The Tuna Fairy: the importance of giving and "Visionary Bri as The Tuna Fairy"

The Nightmare Should Be Over: dealing with and overcoming the fear of PTSD

Pookie's Birth Story: another adventure in 3 episodes

Fun with Spam - at least the SpamBots like me!

It's Alive! (And Its Name is Gina) - when the internet calls YOU

First Television Appearance

Forgiving Dr. Mengele - Eva Kor with her message of forgiveness and healing in 2 parts