Product and Service Promotion

Hello, there. My name is Bri. Thank you for your interest in my reviewing your product or service.

I'm a married mother of 1 beautiful little girl and 1 rowdy stepson. I am a vivacious bohemian bombshell, a social butterfly (in real life and on the web), an explorer, a Licensed Massage Therapist, a writer and an artist. Also, I'm a little bit of a dork. I love sharing great ideas and can't keep a great product to myself!

I love being able to support new products and ideas with my vast network of friends, fans, business associates. Do you have something new? Something neat? Something original and exciting? Awesome! I'd love to help you promote it!
I belong to several organizations and online groups of other women and moms who like to hear about not only the new and unique products, but also the ones that are essential to our everyday lives. This blog is known as a place for finding inspiration, encouragement, giveaways, support, artistic community and fun products. Who knows, maybe we could work together on hosting some giveaways, as well!

During my college years, I studied both art and writing. I also interned with Johnson and Johnson for 3 summers, working in their Orthopedic Sales Training Department. Thus, I got to learn how the big boys market and I can pass that knowledge on to you.

If you'd like to get your product noticed, then I've got you covered! There are 2 options to choose from:

1) I can write a review:  Mail me a product or sample (which I keep) and I will share an HONEST review on I will take photos of it being tested by my family or friends, and let my followers (via this blog, Facebook, blog link ups, Twitter posting in linkys and Pinterest) see what you and your product are all about. I will also promote your website and as well as social media pages. The review will be posted on my homepage the first day and remain on my blog as long as it exists. I will also create back links to your site which will increase your page rank. Reviews will encourage others to share their experiences with your product or leave feedback to the effect of if they looked at or interacted with your site.

2) I can host a review and giveaway: You can choose one or several of your products for me to review (details as mentioned previously) and then give something away to one of my readers and followers! It could be a gift card, store credit, an actual product, just about anything. Once a giveaway is mentioned, it flies through social media sites faster than any more traditional "word of mouth" ever could. People love winning things! Other bloggers will have the option to post about your giveaway which will increase your exposure.

I know how influential the power of the blogger can be when a person makes a purchase. Myself and several friends have been fans and have been influenced by the power of the blogger. This is why I have started my own site. One of the best ways a company large or small can “get the word out” about their product(s) is through a Review & Giveaway.

Review Policies:

*A product is required for all reviews and will not be returned
*Reviews are FREE of charge unless you'd like me to do sponsored posts which are always an option
*A full-sized product is needed; sample sizes do not allow for accurate review
*Please allow 1-2 weeks for the product review to be posted, however if you have a specific date in mind for the review, I will work with you to accommodate your request. Please be up front so I can work with you.
*I am not responsible for any shipping charges.
*I will not post a negative review, but I will offer my honest opinion if there is a feature I do not like. I will always contact you if I cannot provide a positive review.
*If you have press kits, videos, or pictures you would like to have in your product review, please include them as well.

Nothing is to small or to large.

I look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:



FAQ about becoming a sponsor of a review/giveaway:

(Q)What do I send?

(A) You send me a product or sample to review (which I keep). When a winner is selected for a giveaway, Visionary Bri will email you the winner’s mailing address so you can send them the prize they won! If you want the winner to pay for shipping, that needs to be specified to me, so I can put it on the review post.

(Q)What can I submit for review/giveaway?

(A) I want to be honest with my followers and if I haven’t been able to try your product, I can’t give an honest review. I appreciate your sending me something that I can try out for myself. A great idea for the giveaway portion is actual products, gift cards, gift baskets, store credit, etc.

(Q)Who can enter?

(A) That is up to you, as you will be covering the shipping costs. I am in the U.S. so unless otherwise specified by you, my giveaways will be limited to the United States only.

(Q)How long will the review/giveaway last?

(A)Your review will be posted and 7-14 days later the giveaway will have a winner. They will have 48 hours to reply to the winning email or the prize is forfeited. At that point I will choose an alternate winner and email them.

(Q)How do you pick a winner?

(A) will randomly pick the winner.

(Q)Will they visit my store/website?

(A) If you have an online store, website, fan page, etc., part of the giveaway requirements will be to go to your page and look around. If you have a newsletter, we can ask them to sign up for that as an “extra entry.”

(Q)Who pays for shipping?

(A) I prefer that the sponsor pay for shipping. If  you do not want to pay for shipping, we can put a disclaimer in the giveaway post letting the readers know that they can only sign up if they are willing to pay shipping.

(Q) I have more questions…

(A) Contact me any time, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have! Visionary Bri at Please put "Promotion" in the subject line.

Products and Companies I have reviewed in the past:

Seneca Farms Ready-to-Serve oatmeal in maple and apple-cranberry
Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops in honey and cherry.

The Lopsided Frog dragon hats
Simply Recreated sweatercoats 
Belly Dance Digs dance skirts
The Roaming Peddlers customized stuffed toys - "Our shop views and sales have definitely increased since the giveaway. Thanks again!" -Krystal Sharp (owner)
UberKuchi - embroidered Kuchi belt
Made by Hippies - beautiful and bright eco-friendly tie-dyes
Calypso Clothing - faux fur hood / scarfs and feather earrings
Desert Rogue Designs - leather festival pocket belts

Dream Essentials - Warm Whiskers Heatable Neck Wrap
Timjan Design - organic and natural designer clothing
Colgate Optic White tooth whitening system
Batikwalla - batik fashions
OraMD - natural oral care products
OonaCat - custom costume horns and hooves
Kelka Jewelry -
Fashion, Hebrew Judaica, zodiac and Kabbalah Jewelry
Juil - Earthling Shoes and Sandals - Stay Grounded