Visionary Friends

This page is to honor my Visionary Friends and to help promote them along in their creative journey.

Yorgo and Invisible Vanguard -- Visionary Friends discuss gap generation malaise

Aria's Closet -- A very close friend's drag blog

Muncey in Muncie: Turning Teenage Drudgery into Awesome

Journey to Lose -- A friend's blog about his journey of weight loss and self-love

The Lopsided Frog - cool chicka Etsy seller who made the neat-o dragon hats and our so generous sponsor for the "Walk the Dinosaur" giveaway.

Leonie Dawson - kickass business woman. Tons of freebies on her site. Kickin' mama, fabu hippy chick! The best creative dream helper I can refer you to is her yearly planners. A wealth of information, inspirational and practical. Best business tool I've ever used! I own both "Business" and "Life" editions.

Henry Rollins - a grandfather of the "follow your dream and be a good person" movement. So tickled that I got email from him. His spoken word is hilarious and unifying in a world that tries so hard to divide us.

Sam Keen - awesome writer. I own all of his books. Also tickled to have gotten a email from him. Do yourself a favor and go and buy every single one of his books, right now. Fire in the Belly, To a Dancing God, To Love and Be Loved and Learning to Fly are my favorites.

Sandala Moon - fabulous Etsy seller. Maker of custom Ren-Faire, fantasy, super-beautiful accessories. "Fashions for dancing under the moon."

Lillybet Clothing - neat-o Etsy shop. Upcycled patchwork skirts galore! And, from now until the end of March, Lillybet is partnering with me and offering all my readers, exclusively, a $10 discount toward the purchase of any long skirt that she makes. All you've gotta do is place the order, then send her a message saying that Visionary Bri sent you and Boom! The discount is yours.

Simply Recreated - the oh-so-wonderful craftswoman responsible for the Simply Sweatercoat Giveaway. Her creations are the perfect fanciful accessory to your bursting creative life.

UberKuchi - your Etsy source for all things Kuchi - jewelry and accessories galore

The Roaming Peddlers - whimsical and fanciful customizable kids toys - I love their stuffed dragons!
"Our shop views and sales have definitely increased since the giveaway. Thanks again!" -Krystal Sharp (owner)

Belly Dance Digs - from makeup to props to costumes, this store has it all - the classic fusion skirt in green is my favorite

Timjan Design - garments of natural and organic materials on Etsy. Soft, flowing but with an edge made by Emilie.

Diva Dreads - custom, handmade dreads and dreadfalls with cleaning and tightening for life. All the tops belly dancers are wearing their dreads. Tell Brandi and Ivorie that Visionary Bri says "hi!"
Dream Essentials - great products to lull you to dreamland
Colgate Optic White tooth whitening system

Made by Hippies - beautiful and bright eco-friendly tie-dyes. One stop shop for all your tie-dye needs by Erik.

Calypso Clothing - faux fur hood / scarfs and feather earrings made by Kiri.

Desert Rogue Designs - leather festival pocket belts by Dorian

Eva Kor and the CANDLES Holocaust Museum - I wrote a blog post about Eva and her message of forgiveness. In August of 2013, I will conduct an interview with her one-on-one. I hope to help continue supporting Eva and all those souls around the world with messages of peace, love and forgiveness.

Batikwalla - batik fashions by Victoria. None of the photos do these pieces justice - they're so vibrant!

OraMD - natural oral care products - one try and I was hooked.

OonaCat - custom costume horns and hooves
for all your cosplay needs.
Juil - Earthling Shoes and Sandals - able to keep me calm and serene in department stores. Truly amazing footwear!

Congrats to everyone and keep it up! You all rock and make the world a better place!

We're all visionaries and I am proud to call you "friend." We just have to figure out where we excel.

Love to All,