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First of all, welcome to my little corner of these the internet, my blog Visionary Bri.

If we were meeting in the real world, vs. you reading my words on your computer screen, I would like to think that we could be friends. I love traveling and making new friends everywhere I go. I’d meet you somewhere; a bar, maybe, or coffee place. We would order our drinks of choice and I’d like to think that we’d laugh ‘til our sides ached, telling each other funny stories from our lives. I also would like to think that there would be silences. Not silences that are uncomfortable and reflect the uneasiness of things not said, no. I’m speaking of the kind of silences where we could just sit and be with each other, person to person, and be okay in the moment. I would like to think that, if our topic of conversation led to stories of hardship and pain, that we would be able to wrap our arms around each other in an empathetic embrace.

But as it is, we are not in the same place. From my vantage point, typing away on my laptop, I can’t see the sparkle in your eyes when you read something I've written that makes you laugh. If you are sad, I can’t reach out and touch your hand to comfort you. So, we must make the best of what we’ve got.

For the story of how this blog started, feel free to read here.

Educated at Ball State University and Naropa University, I am a Native American writer, artist, speaker and activist. I am also an advocate for those with Lupus. I am a disabled mother of 2 with large tattoos and, oftentimes, purple hair. I am a creativity specialist and roving spirituality / adventure-seeker.

To showcase my work is only the first reason about why I wanted to start this blog. Since my Lupus diagnosis and two strokes, I have dedicated my life to helping others live this life more fully, more awake, more brilliantly. I pursue many varied projects, attending conventions and interviewing inspiring personalities.  I also paint, sketch, sew my own clothing and craft homemade beauty products. I also support small businesses and artisans by occasionally running marketing campaigns.

Thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet. As my content grows, I hope we can learn more about and from each other. Were we in the real world, now is the time that I would give you a hug and say, “Enjoy the rest of you day.”

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

And remember that we’re all visionaries. We’ve just got to figure out where we excel!


1) When do you update?

      I try to update once a week. To get all the latest news, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for my mailing list in the upper left corner of the main page.

2) Spirituality?

      For me, my spirituality and creativity are one in the same. They each play off each other. I come from a shamanic and mystic tradition so I tend to speak in those terms, but I've studied the religions and mythos systems of the world. I have a background in Buddhism from attending a Buddhist university, so occasionally that will sneak in, as well. Since I know that the majority of the world comes from one of "The Big 3" (meaning: Christianity, Judaism and Islam), I do try to relate concepts to those spiritualities, as well, to better facilitate understanding.

3) Isn't the image you're using copyrighted?

       Unless stated otherwise, I own no copyright to any picture or video posted.  All copyrights remain with the original authors and artists.  All images and videos are assumed to be in the public domain.  In the event of works known to be copyrighted, the author of this site will only use them with fair attribution and in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine of U.S. copyright law [17 USC § 107], which allows republication of copyrighted works for commentary and critique.  Every effort will be made to cite sources, if possible. If you own the copyright to any image or video posted here, and would like it removed, please send me an email and it will be removed immediately.
4) You tell some crazy stories. Are they all true?

      They are, indeed, mostly true. Before I write about anyone else (friends, family, etc.), I try to get their permission before I post to make sure it's okay with them. Occasionally, small details will be changed to protect a person's identity. But, on the whole, I never write fiction. This life, itself, is way too interesting to me.

5) Your Question Here!

Love to All,

-Visionary Bri

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