Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visionary Bri: The Origin of a Blog

First of all, welcome to my little corner of these interwebs. Most of my friends call me Bri, though I am known in certain circles by different names. I currently reside in the state of Indiana within the United States. 

If we were meeting in the real world, vs. you reading my words on your computer screen, I would like to think that we could be friends. I love making new friends everywhere I go. I’d meet you somewhere; a bar, maybe, or coffee joint. We would order our drinks of choice and I’d like to think that we’d laugh ‘til our sides ached, telling each other funny stories from our lives. I also would like to think that there would be silences. I‘m not talking about silences that are uncomfortable and reflect the uneasiness of things not said, no. I’m speaking of the kind of silences where we could just sit and be with each other, person to person, and be okay in the moment. I would like to think that, if our topic of conversation led to stories of hardship and pain, that we would be able to wrap our arms around each other in an empathetic embrace.

But as it is, currently, we are not in the same place. From my vantage point, typing away on my laptop, I can’t see the sparkle in your eyes when you read something that makes you laugh. If you are sad, I can’t reach out and touch your hand to comfort you. So, given this medium, we must make the best of what we’ve got.

Let me tell you a little bit about how this blog came to be. In June of 2012, my life felt stable, but in flux. I was 31 years old and I could no longer do the career I had trained for. I was engaged to my fiancĂ©e of 5 years, I had a 9 year old stepson and an 8 month old daughter. After two years of almost weekly doctors’ appointments, I had just received a diagnosis. I had Systemic Lupus and the management of my condition had almost consumed my life. I was trying to improve my diet, I needed daily naps and I needed a way to reach out, to feel connected with the world, again.
I was inspired by a book I had just read: How to Become Famous in Two Weeks or Less by Melissa de la Cruz and Karen Rabinovitz. Also, had been reading two blogs, Hyperbole and a Half and Give Oh Giveaway. And I thought, “Why in the world could I not make my own blog? I mean, maybe no one but my real-life friends would read it, but at least I’m being proactive in some way.” So, the idea was hatched and this blog was created. 

I’ve always been a proactive kind of person. In fact, you could call me a bit of a risk taker, adventurous and daring. I don’t think I’ve ever been content to tread the beaten path. I like doing things just a bit differently than most other people seem to. It exhilarates me and makes me feel alive. I’m constantly saying, “There must be a better way.” (More stories of my various adventures forthcoming, I promise you!)

I’m what you might call “quirky.” I’m a 31 year old mother of 2 and still prefer to have my hair dyed purple. I have 8 piercings, large and multiple tattoos, and still don’t know precisely what I’d like to be when I grow up. (That will probably be an entry too, entitled The Elaborate Ruse of Adulthood). Because of this, I’ve done some interesting things which will be turned into blog posts in the future. You can look forward to reading what it’s like to sky dive, stories of snorkeling in the ocean and of luaus on Maui. If you’d like to read about my crazy adventures of “this one girl, trying to live her life as brilliantly as possible,” then welcome.

But writing my stories is only the first reason about why I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to help other people live this life more fully, more awake, more brilliantly. Personally, I’m a person who writes. I also paint, sketch, sew my own clothing and craft homemade beauty products. I know so many people who wish they could be more creative, who have an almost wistful longing for self-expression. But there are so many reasons that they never take the first step toward their creative dreams.
My second reason for writing this blog is for us to help each other. From time to time, I need encouragement in this crazy life and I know you will too. I think that we could encourage each other to live more fully, have more fun and not take everything so seriously. I’ll tell you my adventures and latest projects and I encourage you to dialog with me via comments. I love comments!

From time to time (as they become available), I will review products and services and maybe I’ll sponsor a giveaway or two. Reviews are fun for me to write and, as friends share opinions on new things, maybe you’d like to try what I write about. If you’ve got a product, an Etsy shop or something that’s supporting you in your creative dream, maybe I can write a review for you, too, for the whole internet to see. This world works better when we help each other, don’t you know? And, as for giveaways, who doesn’t love getting nifty free things? I’m still hoping to get a Diamond Candle in the future, myself. *hint hint*
In closing, thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet. As my content grows, I hope we can learn more about and from each other. Were we in the real world, now is the time that I would give you a hug and say, “Enjoy the rest of you day.” 

And, remember, we’re all visionaries. We’ve just got to figure out where we excel!