Monday, December 10, 2012

Muncey in Muncie: Turning Teenage Drudgery into Awesome!

Here, in Muncie Indiana, one teen is turning drudgery into awesome.

Brannon Muncey, 18, got his job at Little Caesar's pizza on the corner of West McGalliard and Walnut just 5 months ago. "I stood in life for three hours, waiting, and got hired that day," says Muncey.

We've all had our share of horrible jobs in our teens, usually in food service. Your truly breaded chicken and worked a drive through. Many high school and college kids in the Muncie, Indiana area have a different type of job. For barely above minimum wage, they stand on corners and hold brightly colored signs by busy streets, trying to bring attention to a business.  Driving around Muncie, I've seen many students with this sign-holding job, but Brannon stands out from all of them.

Not just content to hold his sign, Brannon has become a local phenomenon for dancing with and performing tricks with his sign. I caught up with Brannon on a dreary, Saturday evening in December. Though it was drizzling slightly, Brannon remained undeterred. "They don't make us hold signs bad weather, but if it's not too bad out, I tell them that I'll go out and, you know," Brannon says as he nods toward the worn patch of soil near the busy street. What is Brannon getting known for?  Click here for a video of Brannon performing.

"I have my moves," Brannon says, "but I'm working on new ones all the time. Sometimes a move doesn't work out, so I try something else." In beaten up sneakers and a bright orange shirt (sometimes with a sweatshirt over that), Brannon is hard to miss. Passing cars honking or waving at him is common. When asked if he's gotten any bad reactions to his dancing, Brannon replies with a smile. "Yeah, but I think it's just people trying to mess with me."

Brannon is a senior at the local Central High School. Soft spoken and genial, almost shy, he seems amazed about the press he's gotten. Yours truly has not been the only one to interview him. The local paper, The Muncie Star, did a story in the "Life" section on him and the Ball State University morning show interviewed him as well.

But Brannon's not out there alone. He's got his tunes. As I interviewed him, ear buds hung out from neck of his bright orange shirt. When I asked what he was listening to while dancing, he said, "Rap and hip-hop, mostly. The new stuff like 2 Chainz and Tyga." When asked why he started dancing, he laughs and says, "To pass the time. You know, to make it fun."

I told Brannon that I appreciated what he was doing. I told him that, if he approached life the same way that he'd approached this job, that he would go far. In fact, for me, it was an honor to shake Brannon's hand and every time I see him, dancing with his sign, it brings a smile to my face and gives me hope for other dream chasers, out there.

The Visionary Van outside Brannon's branch

Brannon Muncey, everyone here, at Visionary Bri salutes you. Keep doing what you doing and help people to remember . . .

We are all visionaries. We just have to figure out where we excel.

Until next time, my dear readers. Have a magical day and keep on dancin'!

Love to All,


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