Monday, March 4, 2013

The Art of Asking

There are a lot of TED talks I see where my brain is engaged. The internal brain-wheels spin and I'm given a new idea. I recommend watching every single one of their videos. These cerebrally engaging talks are great, but this talk that I am about to share with you engaged my heart. 

"Yes," my heart whispers. I long for this kind of connection between myself and you, my fans and readers. Brava, Amanda Palmer and brava, Neil Gaiman for supporting her while she wrote the speech. Enjoy, my lovelies.

This reminds me of my father's sage advice to me. "Ask," he said. "Always ask. The worst that they can say is 'no.'" Because of his advice, I ask. I ask to be on television. I ask businesses, "Would you like me to help promote you?" I ask, "Hubby, do you think you could bathe the Pookie, tonight? My back is really hurting."

But, sometimes, it's hard to get up the gumption to ask.

Within the next week, I'm going to take a big leap. I'm going to ask you, my fans and my audience, for help. I am scared to do this. I feel like I should be able to write and to create and exist in this life and to just do it all . . . without help.

I feel like I should be strong enough to do it alone, but I can't. I don't exist inside a vacuum. I don't write in a pocket of space-time where I am not effected by the world. I must live in the world and be a part of it. I drink coffee. I play with my daughter. I am a person, just like you and I have bills to pay.  

 So, from one human being to another, I see you, my lovelies. I hear you. And I trust you. All I will ask is for some help to keep me creating the work you like to see. And thank you, in advance, for this help that is so hard for me to ask for that I know you will come through on.

Blessings to each one of you in all that you do and don't forget that we are all visionaries. We just have to figure out where we excel.

Love to All,


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