Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Creative In the Kitchen: Kinda Apple Pie

The other night, I got a craving for apple pie. Never one to just stuff my desires down, I headed to the kitchen. Only two pie crusts remained in our freezer and my hubby had already claimed them in the name of black raspberry cream pie, so I was out of luck. . . or so I thought.

Eyeing the beautiful green Granny Smith apples on the table, I did a little more thinking. What was it that I really wanted? Did I care that my apple pie might not have a crust? No! I sure didn't. So, I got to work.

I sliced the apples into rings and then cut the cores out of them. I pulled out a medium sized skillet and melted two tablespoons of butter. In the pan went the apple rings. On top of the apples, I drizzled some honey and sprinkled on some cinnamon and nutmeg. I flipped the apple rings honey side down and let them brown on the heat at just a bit below medium.

The aroma of the cooking apples and cinnamon filled the house. On such rainy days that we've been having lately, it really felt like a warm, cozy Fall. Hubby came to see what I was cooking at 10 o'clock at night, his nose twitching. I ended up cooking 2 apples, then hubby said that he didn't want one of his own. But, when I came into the bedroom with the bowl, he snatched a couple of pieces for himself.

The recipe for these beauties is really non-specific. Melt, slice, drizzle and sprinkle. And, oh my, were they lovely. They completely satisfied my apple pie desire. The tartness of the Granny Smith apples was a nice contrast to the caramelized honey. I let them remain a little al dente because I prefer the texture that way, but I'm sure that you could cut them up smaller and stew them like they do at The Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Don't you just want to go and make some for yourself, right now?

So, necessity and a rumbling tummy are apparently the mother of creativity for today. What have you tried in the kitchen (or elsewhere) that turned out really well?

We're all visionaries, darlings. We just have to figure out where we excel.