Friday, October 19, 2012

I Hope You Dance

The title of the post, today, comes from this song by Lee Ann Womack:

What a beautiful song, don't you think? It's one of the songs I sing to my Precious Little Pookie of a daughter.

Over the weekend, I'd like to encourage you to dance. I want you to dance like no one is looking. I want you to start out by dancing in your home. Bust a move! I don't care if you do it in your bedroom, alone. Boogie down, my lovelies. This life is too short not to dance.

Now, a story of dancing. I come by my flair for the creative honestly, and you must understand that dancing out in public when there's really no music playing is an advanced level for visionaries. I got my sense of play from my father. Keep your sense of humor intact in life and you never know the joy that will come from it. Example:
My father and I were standing in a parking lot, chatting. Across the aisle of cars, a college kid and his girlfriend where loading sacks into the back of their car. The boy was singing at a pretty loud volume some song I'd never heard before. I dropped the conversation with my father and immediately started dancing. My father was confused for a minute, looking at me, puzzled. Then, he heard the singing and started dancing with me. To one college student's sheer joy of voice, we shook our booties for a little over a minute before the singing guy turned around and saw what we were doing. When he realized we were singing to the music he was making, he and his girlfriend broke out in laughter. At that moment, a white car drove through the parking lot between us. The driver of the car waved at singing guy and danced behind the wheel as she passed. Everyone laughed their heads off. My father said, "Life is short. You've got to have fun." I put my arm around my father and said, "Dad, welcome to my life" and he pulled me in for a hug.

 My father holding my 1-day-old daughter, the Precious Pookie.
He bought the lamb hat for her that morning and it was bigger than her whole head.

There's a song that I've been hearing everywhere, lately, by a group called Fun. In a shoe store, on the radio. This song is everywhere and I am absolutely in love with it. I'm so completely taken with this song that I really want to have coffee with Nate Ruess (which is an honor held for the likes of Meat Loaf, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Davis, Henry Rollins, Alex Grey and Ed Kowalczyk). The drum line of this song is wonderful and it makes me not only wanna bring my djembe out of storage, but it makes my butt wanna boogie. So, no matter where I am when I hear this great piece of music, I do a little dance.  I've also been listening to it on repeat in my headphones and in the car, by the way.

My only question, beautiful Mr. Ruess, is why did you let them AutoTune your voice? It's wonderful without that artificial sound.

So, my readers, this weekend and as you go about your life, when you hear this song, I'd like you to dance a bit if you feel like it. Yes, I'd like you to boogie in the shoe store. Yes, jive in the drivers' seat. Yes, do your little turn in the grocery store. Bop your head and groove on the bus.

And I want you to do this because every time I hear the song, I promise to boogie, as well. Dancey-dance with me, please? Wibble-wobble with me, no matter where you are in the world. Move your body a bit in a way that feels happy to you.

Life is too short to not dance. Let's dance together, shall we? Maybe we can get others to join in and spread the joy! Let's make some impromptu dance parties, shall we? Spreading joy in the world is always a worthwhile thing.

Until next time, my lovelies, remember that we are all visionaries. We just have to figure out where we excel!