Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Love Letter to the Past Year

Dear 2012,

As I look back on our time together, I just have to say "thank you." As the new year dawns, I am remembering you, taking your lessons into my heart and releasing you so that 2013 can be just as wonderful.

 First, 2012, I'd like to thank you for giving me health care and accurate diagnoses. This journey through the medical system, of specialists and emergency rooms and medication after medication, it turned out to be for the best. It taught me quite a few things regarding self-care. I realize that I really do have to care for myself, first. Only then can I reach out into the world and help others. I must come from a place of peace and serenity, a place of wellness and a place of joy. Because when I'm feeling my worst, I cannot give of myself or be of use, at all.

Secondly, thank you for resolving our housing situation that arose in a timely manner. My family is much better off, now.

Thank you for showing me where some of my limits are and for allowing me to stand up for them. One of the hardest things I've had to say is, "I can't do this, anymore." Now, I am now able to check in with my body and prevent the worst health issues before they come up, but I know what my hard limits are, mostly. I know what I can't do without attempting something, often to disasterous results.

The coming of my Precious Pookie's first birthday came and went. Thank you for friends and family and their generosity. Much gratitude, as well, for communal sharing of needed goods and food. Thank you for the ever-thoughtful gifts that I've been presented with. I am humbled and elated whenever I receive one.

In you, 2012, I gained a new purpose that fills my soul with joy, this blog and Art Wherever You Are. When I had to close my massage therapy business due to being sick, I took up work at a local fast food restaurant. When I couldn't do that any more and had to quit, I was despondent. I felt useless, sad and lost. Then, the idea for this blog came into being. Suddenly, I had purpose, again. I had a way to call out into the world and get responses back. With my corresponding Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages, I am making new connections in abundance and my life has become enriched in so many ways by the souls that I am now in contact with.

Getting my money situation in balance was a great thing for me, 2012. Finally, for the first time in my life, it is something that I am not hyper-stressed about. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

2012, I came up with such great ideas. You and I have had a great run. I took a lot of risks. Some worked out and some didn't and that's okay. But now, dear year, I must let you go. I am so grateful for everything that happened. It is now time to move into 2013, rip roaring and ready to go.

2012, I will remember you always.

Love to All,